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we honor one Olympic hero Chris klug who has a place in my heart

chris klug received a Liver transplant thanks the organ doner Program & his organ doner family

also winning a bronze medal in the men's parallel giant slalom at the Olympic Games. My hero also was a Olympic torch bearer. chris klug is my hero because he fight a disability never giving up on life

to learn about Chris klug this is the page for you

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Kathy Klug's face was bathed in tears.
Her Chris was beaming, wrapped in an American flag

said. And while many consider Chris Klug a hero for triumphing over adversity on an international stage, the real heroes are the ones who simply sign up, Kathy Klug said. "Christopher didn't do anything heroic - he just received a transplant," she said. "His heroics come in telling his story and being available to any organization that needs him to speak. It's not easy really delving into your private life like that and telling your story, but the people that say 'yes' are the heroes.

Organ doner Awareness day

colorado donor registry

donor awareness

Heart full of happiness

To the Edge and Back is chris klug new book

Buy To the Edge and Back
If you want to read the quintessential Chris Klug story, you'll find it on page 18 of "To the Edge and Back" (Carroll & Graf, 317 pp.), Klug's new autobiography written with Steve Jackson.

The incident has nothing to do with the liver transplant Klug received in 2000, the result of primary schlerosing cholangitis, the same disease that had killed football great Walter Payton a few years earlier. Neither is the quintessential Klug story the Aspenite's triumphant, improbable bronze medal performance in snowboard racing at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

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